Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sangamon County

The Ambassadors’ Council

2008 Ambassadors' Council
Jen Aholt-Gedaminski
State of Illinois

Suzan Boyd

United States Postal Service

JoAnn Bubonic

Illinois State Police

Tammy Bull
Town & Country Bank

Angie Condon

Maher Law Office

Sheila Feipel
AmeriCALL Communications
Brenda Gregory
Midwest Insurance
Lindsey Leonard
Coldwell Banker Devonshire Realty
Amy Mills
Sangamon Association of Anesthesiologists
Bill Pongracz
Professional Service Industries
Kathy Priester
J.P. Morgan Chase
Marcia Wherry

Description: A formal body of volunteer leadership that assists the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ agency with special events and recruitment.  Ambassadors are leaders of the community who share the core values of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Illinois Capital Region and believe in the mission and vision of the agency.  Ambassadors must be able to serve a minimum term of 24 months and may serve as many as 36 months before renewal.

Responsibilities: Every Ambassador is expected to attend one full Council meeting per year and is invited to attend the annual meeting of the Board of Directors.  In addition, each Ambassador agrees to the following responsibilities:

  • Assist with Bingo on ten scheduled nights a year
  • Recruit teams for the Bowl for Kids’ Sake event each year
  • Assist with at least two nights of Bowl for Kids’ Sake each year
  • Recruit a minimum of one team; solicit one sponsor for the local golf outing each year or work the event
  • Serve as an “ambassador” for the agency throughout the community

Qualifications: Every Ambassador must be willing and able to passionately advocate for the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ agency and its programs.  Each Ambassador shall be an individual of high moral character with values that are consistent with those of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Rationale: The Ambassadors’ Council represents a clear initiative by the agency to utilize the specific talents and resources of each member of volunteer leadership.  The Ambassadors serve as an integral component of the agency’s community outreach efforts and as some of the most visible advocates for the agency.  In addition, successful recruitment efforts and special event planning will depend on the active participation and support of the Ambassadors’ Council. Members of the Ambassadors’ Council will be asked to support the mission and vision of the agency with their time and energy, but are not expected to support the agency through personal financial commitment.





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